Making 3D printed homes in Englewood

ENGLEWOOD, FL (WWSB) – A revolutionary idea in home building is taking place in Englewood.

"Once the foundation is poured the robot will print that structure in 18 to 24 hours," said CEO Don Musilli.


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Forget waiting a year for a new house… how about just one month? That’s Musilli’s goal. "All the technology we’re working with is all bottom up. This is not technology that your grandfather used, or your father used."

Musilli founded 3D Build Systems. A company that started by getting 3D printers in schools. Now his, and COO Deborah Hegedus hope this technology could solve the issue of affordable housing with homes priced around $150,000.

"It solves the problem of people getting into housing inexpensively. We can print these quickly, get a lot of them put up together," said Hegedus.

The idea is as simple as building a large 3D printing robot, giving it the design for the house and letting it get to work. "We can include insulation in the concrete, we can tint the concrete for various colours, we can use different additives for different strength requirements," Musilli said.

And speaking of strength, in Florida especially, you want a home that’s built to last. Well, they’ve thought of that too. "Some of the tests overseas show 225mph wind loadings on those walls. An 8 on the Richter Scale. This is basically a castle we’re building," Musilli said.

Their robot is currently being built just outside of Toronto, Canada. It should be down here in November. The homes could be available as soon as next year.

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